You Can’t Say We Didn’t Try!

Originally scheduled as a chat with Talent2K owner Carlo Oddo, our featured guest declined to appear. With help from Fox Chicago’s consumer reporter Danielle Serino, we led a group discussion about avoiding scams and learning to understand the difference between real and fraudulent opportunities for musicians.

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  1. Missed the call, however thought I would comment
    on Talent 2k’s Carlo Oddo.

    It’s good to see that Talent 2k/Carlo Oddo’s illegitimate business practices has been brought to light. I dealt with him in 1999 and
    was the one that filed a complaint with the Chicago Better Business Bureau, after receiving a bogus record deal and till this day I have
    not received my refund.

    I told Mr. Oddo that this would catch up to him
    one day.

    Rodd P.
    Capricorn Entertainment/Productions


  2. Teardrop Avatar

    Dear people,
    i recently sent a demo to talent 2k and all of a sudden i got a call back saying i was a diamond to the co. I have not sent my 1000.00 to them yet, because all i hear are bad things about Carlo Oddo. Thanks to everyone for putting the info. on the net! He keeps sending letters saying that he listens to my music in his car and that very few demos land on his desk!

    Guess what? I told them i sent the money to see how he would react, all of a sudden he acts like he wants the money then he’ll call to verify the money was recieved. Well, i lied, i never sent the money, because i’m smart! If you are planning on doing business with Talent 2k, think first, then say no!

    Now eveybody say this with me: Ready?

    FUCK TALENT 2K!! They can’t get me! HAHAHAHA MUTHAFUCKAS!!!

  3. Heather Poe Avatar
    Heather Poe

    I have a few things to say: My boyfriend, rapper, Teardrop who you may have just read a comment from, has been lied to by talent 2k. They promised to make his and our dreams come true! I was going to send our last dime to them to try to get him a record deal that they said could be through them. Until we did research on the inernet, in which i am seeing all bad comments about Mr. Oddo. The thing that gets me, is they are still calling, even today, and my boyfriend asked them questions about all these accusations, and they are still defending themselves!!! Why do they claim to be represented with Rolling Stone Mag, and news stations!? If it wasn’t for all you guys that posted your comments, we would be in debt right now!! We have decided to do it on our own! He is really good and I know he will make it one day! If there are any managers interested in helping and would like a demo just email at: Thanks!!

  4. Music Business

    Paging Carlo Oddo of Talent 2000. Please pick up a white courtesy phone.

    Just a few hours ago, Joe Taylor from held “Town Hall Meeting” with Carlo Oddo of Talent 2K. The only problem was that Carlo Oddo didn’t show up. On the schedule of things to talk about where allegations that

  5. John Foxworthy Avatar
    John Foxworthy

    As I suspected he would, Carlo Oddo backed out of the conference call stating that he was afraid the purpose of the forum was to “ambush” him. Aaaww poor Oddo. Just this one act tells me a lot and I’d like to make some observations:

    Firstly, what does this say about Oddo’s claims that he did nothing wrong? I personally find it suspicious that with all the opportunities he takes to defend himself (usually by discrediting others) that he wouldn’t jump on the chance to clear the air and answer the allegations against him. What does he have to hide? Additionally, there were several big media folks on the call to ask him questions … heheh … seems like they’ll have a different story to write now.

    That brings me to my second observation. The controversy surrounding Oddo and his companies notwithstanding, is this the kind of personality one can trust with one’s career? Think about it … he’s had many opportunities to use the major media to promote his company and his “clients” yet hasn’t taken advantage of this great resource. In fact he’s been ducking interviews with FOX, CBS, Rolling Stone and several other top media sources. Instead he refers everyone to his lawyer(who also isn’t answering anyone’s calls anymore). So, what is he doing to get these bands exposure?

    Next I’d like to point out the fact that Carlo Oddo made an obligation to participate in this event. He subsequently pulled out at the last minute with some lame excuse. Oddo comes from the school of “ignore it and maybe it’ll go away” rather than facing up like a man. Besides the fact that this shows what a chickensh*t Oddo really is … it also proves what everyone has been saying about him all along. He’ll make promises he won’t deliver on … not can’t, but won’t.

    Carlo Oddo is the last person I would hire to do ANYTHING for my band outside of sweeping up the stage after the show, even then making sure he didn’t steal the broom. The fact is he can’t back up any of the hype on the Talent 2K web site … not the experience, the contacts or the testimonials … and he hides under his rock the minute there is any degree of pressure. So far he hasn’t been able to produce ONE act he’s successfully promoted (except Good Charlotte, who has disclaimed any association with Talent 2K at all … ever). I find it all irresponible and unprofessional.

    Unfortunately I was unable to participate in Joe’s event as my cel phone died in the first 15 minutes of the call. I have, however, listened to the recording and I can answer MANY of the questions that were asked during the course of the call. Anyone who hasn’t already emailed me is welcome to do so.


    John Foxworthy

  6. Nathan "Saikik" Rehlander Avatar
    Nathan “Saikik” Rehlander

    I am contemplating rather or not to go with Talent 2k’s offer. If anyone can give me input on what to do, I’d be glad to take comments.

  7. […] As a refresher, here’s a recording of a live conference call we held about two years ago — you’ll learn how to identify and avoid music industry ripoffs. […]

  8. Epiphany Avatar

    I sent Talent2k my music in 2003 & shortly after started hearing music that sounded very similiar to mine from Eminem to Dr.Dre to even rock bands. Carlo Oddo & Carol
    I will find u keep hiding its the best thing for u. Talent 2k is a scam Carlo Oddo & every1 associated with him our cowards.