How They Did It: Scissor Sisters

Remember how I wrote in Grow Your Band’s Audience that you sometimes have to uproot yourself and go where your audience is? That’s what Scissor Sisters did, and you see the results of that effort if you happened to have TiVoed their Saturday Night Live performance over the weekend. Here’s a diary of the Scissor Sisters’ last twelve months — from coughing up blood in the back of a tour bus to finding out Elton John’s in the crowd, all the while exuding gratitude. Class act, these guys.

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  1. How can you not love the British? If you read this journal it’s no surprise they are taking over the US music industry. Haven’t seen or heard Scissor Sisters, but I now look forward to it.

  2. Saturn’s Blog

    Scissor Sisters

    They got me dancing and boogying and trying 2 shake my ass while I drive my car like the true disco queen that I am.