We really are locking the doors over at IndieBiz.com

David is really serious about this, folks. He puts a lot of energy into telling new members about the service, but we both agreed that we can help folks better by putting as much energy as possible into helping the group that’s in there by the end of the year get to a really, really advanced level. That means no more advertising or evangelizing or anything else other than helping existing members.

So if you don’t sign up before Dec. 31, you will have to settle for my one-on-one coaching program which is effective but more expensive, or you will have to listen to our podcast calls (but without the benefit of being able to ask us questions).

Time really is running out!


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  1. Joe Taylor Jr. Avatar
    Joe Taylor Jr.

    UPDATE: We really did close and lock the doors… but the spirit lives on in our NEW mentoring service right here at spinme.com.