Grammy Goes to Direct Patronage!

Lots of my clients and other webloggers have been going nuts about the Grammy that was awarded to a download-only release. That, in itself, is great news. What excites me even more about the winning project is that it was funded through direct patronage — audience members who believed in the project enough to fund it directly. We’re seeing this model play out more and more, and this is just the tip of the iceberg peeking out above the ocean on this issue…


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  1. Joe, I completely agree with you on this. (I submitted a trackback to a related post I submitted.) Maria’s achievement is a strong sign of things to come. With music technology as advanced as it is, and marketing tools becoming available to your average independent artist, I believe we’ll see more artists succeeding in this way.

    It’s great news for independent music, and the indusry as a whole (which could use a shot in the arm).

    It’s an exciting time to be an independent artist!


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    Maria Schneider, jazz composer, may be the first artist ever to win a Grammy for an album distributed solely on the Web. Using ArtistShare, an Internet-based music delivery service, Maria actually funded the cost of her original budget before she…

  3. Music Business

    Cutting Out the Middleman

    I love to hear stories about how bands, musicians, and songwriters are cutting out the middleman and going directly to fans. And I love it when “superfans” come together to organize a show (or even an tour) from their favorite