Private Lessons as Another Stream of Music Income

Since most of my coaching clients want to segue out of their current day jobs into full time careers as working musicians, we’ve been talking a lot about “multiple streams of music income.” As frustrating as teaching music lessons can be, they can bolster your legitimacy as a working musician while forcing you to stay on top of your craft. I just stumbled upon a nifty little directory that connects students and teachers for private music lessons. Remember that as your music career takes off, so can your rates!

One response

  1. This works ANYwhere.

    When I spoke to the junior/high school students last month, one of them asked me how to make more money. I replied with a question, “What do you know really well – something, something you can do, something you can make, something you can teach, something like that – that other people want to know? Start letting people know you can teach them…for a fee.

    When I was in college, I used to “tutor” on the side. This was in the early 90’s and I was pullin’ $30/hour to teach the conjugation of the verb Tener!

    Here’s a key, at least it was for me: When you sign on a new client, do weekly lessons, 30 minutes at at time, for a 2-month period. You’ll demonstrate consistent value-add ability over time…the best way to get, maintain, and build a client base.