Tips for Bands and Artists Seeking Management

It’s one of the most common questions in the music business: “When should I get a manager?” David’s got a really insightful overview of the strategies you can use when answering that question for yourself. I wrote about this issue in my third book, from the point of view of a friend or family member who has been asked to start managing an act.

The good news is that most of the really, really influential managers of the past fifty years had little to no music industry experience when they first started working with their biggest client. So if Azoff isn’t returning your calls, don’t take it personally.

One response

  1. We are looking for a manager to take care of alot of the things that we don’t have enough time for. We are a well established band and we have played some really big shows on our own without management. If there is a manager in the L.A or Orange County areas of California that you know about let us know. (714) 420-7297