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Over the holiday, you may have noticed us rolling out a set of upgrades here at I’ve been on the road, so I haven’t had a chance to personally bring you up to speed on what’s going on.

First of all, we’ve made it MUCH easier to find out about all of our music business success resources. For instance, you can now see descriptions and pictures of all of our books for musicians and music lovers.

Second, it’s really easy now to browse through the archives. All of our monthly and category archives offer a rundown of posts by headline. With over 850 posts to hunt through, it makes a huge difference!

Finally, I’m most proud of something you can’t actually see from our front page. It’s our all new members area. You may have seen me mention the fact that I have served as coach-in-residence at for over a year now. David Hooper founded that site nearly a decade ago, and he decided recently to wind it down so he can turn his attention to some exciting new projects.

If you were a member of IndieBiz, I hope our new members area can continue to meet your needs for insightful music business advice and specific direction for your own career. If you never had the chance to take advantage of the tremendous resources at IndieBiz, I hope our new members area at unlocks a world of advanced tools and resources for you.

I know that, as an independent musician, your resources are limited. Even though we’re launching our new site with eleven hours of archived audio and forty hours of scheduled LIVE teleclasses, we’re opening charter membership at only $27 to the first fifty artists that join.

As we add more and more great resources to the members area, the monthly fee will go up, too. You can lock in your $27 monthly rate by joining us right now. Learn more about your member benefits, or join right now – you don’t even need a credit card to get this rate.

Of course, I’ll continue to highlight great tips, tools, and resources for independent musicians right here on the weblog. Your support over the last few years continues to provide me with the time and the resources to give back to our community. Our new members area allows you to go even deeper – so you can reach your success sooner.

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  1. What, if anything, is going to be different about this than indiebiz? What would be the advantages over what it offered?

  2. A few enhancements:

    * More live classes. I offered about 10 live classes per month on IndieBiz. members will have access to about 20 or more live classes per month.

    * You can check new messages using RSS, which is a major upgrade that we were not able to integrate into the old IndieBiz software.

    * It’s less expensive. Some IndieBiz members were paying $79 or more per month. Our charter members can lock in a monthly rate of $27.