What happens during a teleclass?

Some folks have been asking me about what exactly happens during one of our spinme.com members teleclasses. Take a look at the schedule to see some of the topics we’ve scheduled for the next two months.

Every class gets underway at about five minutes after the hour. For classes with scheduled topics, I’ll spend about twenty minutes presenting some of my latest facts and findings. You’ll take away specific ideas that you can use to grow your audience, get better gigs, and make more money from your music.

For the rest of each call, I’ll answer your questions about the topic, or about the ways you hope to put our tools to work. On “open phones�? calls, you can ask me any specific question you want about moving your career ahead. If you’re starting out your music career, it’s easily the most inexpensive way to get qualified, specific advice about your success strategy.

Members can log in at any time and register for calls. If you’re not yet a member, join now for only $27. You’ll lock in that rate for as long as you remain an member, and your support shows me that we’re making the right move by investing even more in our independent music community.