Arriving in October: Street Team 101

I’ve been wanting to do something around street teams for some time now. That’s why, every Tuesday in October, I’ll devote an hour to showing our members how to put together the ultimate street team.

Frankly, I’m not even so fond of the term “street team” these days, since so many folks use it to describe so many different things. Sadly, most street teams are really, really underutilized. If you think street teams are just about amassing a flash mob to distribute promo materials after shows, you’re missing out.

I define street team as a group of talented, independent individuals that exist at the dead-center-hub of your audience universe. These are the superfans. They want to see you succeed almost more than you do. But they’re more talented than you realize. They’ve got great jobs, great lives, powerful skills, and extended networks that they just can’t wait to put to work on your behalf.

And you’re going to just make them hand stuff out?

Register now for the first of our four calls on street teams. We’re going to blow up the status quo of grassroots music marketing and show you what your audience is really capable of.

Even though you’ve got plenty of time, I don’t want you to miss out because it should fill up pretty quickly. If you’re not already a member, join today for $1 to see what else we’re up to in the members area. (Like fifteen hours of recordings that will help you make more money as a working musician.)

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