Is MySpace GONE?

Uh, no.

They simply had the misfortune for their servers to be located at a web host that was affected by the power outages in Los Angeles yesterday.

If my inbox is any indication, it got a lot of folks thinking about what would happen if MySpace suddenly disappeared. If you’re only using “free” sites like MySpace or PureVolume or SoundClick to promote your band, you can’t control what’s going to happen to your potential fans if they only know to look for you on those sites.

Posting free profiles at those sites can be an effective strategy, but you still need your own site as an anchor. For only a few dollars a month, you can sign up with a sitebuilder like Bandzoogle or HostBaby, get your own domain, and know that your main website won’t be going anywhere without you knowing about it.

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9 responses

  1. when is myspace coming back.. i have some saved phone numbers on their and i’ve been trying to call my friends but i cant because myspace is gone! aaahhhhh!

  2. Uh, excuse me you’re wrong! Myspace is too gone, forever. If you don’t believe me check the news. According to the news too many adults are complaining. It’ so stupid. I just wanted to tell you the facts! Sorry =(

  3. brittany Avatar

    Just so you know, Kayla is right. Tom has decided to shut down because there have been far too many technical difficulties lately, and its just not worth the time or money to fix. Sorry, those of you who spend your whole life on the outnumbered site, but it is no more. I wonder if there will be any reports on suicide because certain people can’t LIVE without Myspace. Ha… its rather sad if you ask me. i think everyone should use their time more wisely. Come on people, think of how much time you will have now! You can go join a club, take on a new hobby or start a new sport. I’m sure this is all happening for the better. Sitting around on Myspace for endless hours of the day is no life to live.
    But to those of you who just can’t stand the thought of living without the silly site, I don’t know what to tell you, other than get a life! Live a little! And at any rate, good luck. 🙂

  4. Listen yall as of July 23,2006 Heres the latest news for myspace…. for yall who thought myspace would never be gone… well the day has come…
    “Cuebot-k has been identified on the myspace server. Myspace will have to renew itself to remove this type of virus/trojan, when this is done, all myspace profiles will be gone.” Posted by tom.

    -JJ. COOL

  5. its out forever. Their selling the domain, if they dont get someone to buy by tomorrow…. its gone.

  6. Its back. But, they got someone to buy it. And they also have new servers & hosts. Lets hope the new owner of myspace doesnt change it around too much.

  7. Power outtage. Ya….. right…. they changed owners….

  8. can someone please get it together..this is my other place where i connected w/my friends who live far away…i miss them already!! =(~

  9. Folks,

    I\’m closing down comments on this post — MySpace was sold months ago to News Corporation (the same company that owns Fox). But they\’re still saddled with problems at their server farm. MySpace isn\’t going away anytime soon.