Getting fans involved online

How can you get your fans more involved with your career with your website?

Acoustic soul-rocker Granian has a “share” page with info on how to spread the word about his music.

Ironic popster Brad Sucks encourages his listeners to remix his tunes, and posts the remixes on his site.

Northampton indie band School For The Dead leaves “Chain CDs” for people to find. Each Chain CD has a printed URL that leads the curious to an online survey and guestbook (called the Chain Gang, of course).

Me, I have a Frappr map and an affiliate program to encourage listeners to link to my music and earn a bit of cash in the process.

Hey! You got any cool ideas to steal share?

One response

  1. Looks like the “share” page idea is catching on… we set one up a while ago as well at . Our newsletters also make some of these suggestions and point people towards ways they can help out.