More on the online music debate

First, there was Napster. Then, there were lawsuits. What’s your take on the downloading debate? Should there be anti-piracy software on CDs to prevent people from burning CDs more than a certain number of times? Some people think that such software is a good idea, to give artists what they deserve and not cheat them out of the money they should be earning. Others, however, think it’s useless because people will always find ways to get around the system. What are your thoughts?

One response

  1. From David Byrne:
    So, first they start off suing their customers, and now they are maliciously making it hard for their customers to even listen to music, and they will cripple your music and media player to boot. These guys deserve to go out of business, they obviously don’t love music, and they don’t understand their own customers. They must have a deathwish or be run by….who? FEMA? Rumsfeld? Bin Laden?

    I feel no love from sony and the riaa. I’m interested in the ‘music like water’ model that is espousing.