American Idol and Signs Of The Apocalypse

Upset to hear that American Idol trounced the Grammy Awards earlier this month, making it the least-watched Grammys since the 70s and signaling the decline of civilization?

Well, it may be time to panic. AI also crushed the Olympics last Tuesday, drawing almost twice as many viewers.

The Olympics recovered a bit after “Idol” went off the air, but its overall audience of 18.6 million was the least-watched winter Olympics telecast since Nagano’s closing ceremonies in 1998, Nielsen [Media Research] said.

There’s that dreaded “least-watched” thing again. AI may not be a great career model for aspiring performers, but one thing is certain: people love to watch it.

One response

  1. I spoke with a lot of my fans regarding the Grammy Awards and the general consensus was that it too was pre-packaged fluff that’s been tainted by the AI stuff. Most of them didn’t watch either show. Of course, that’s a biased sample, but my folks generally felt that there’s very little integrity left in the Grammies.