A Ninety Day Dash

Brent from the Music Marketing Cheat Sheet is putting the wolf at the door and challenging himself to grow his own band’s mailing list by 5,000 members. He intends to celebrate his achievement with a big show in a big venue — all in the next 90 days.

He’s funding this little enterprise by letting friends and fans peek over his shoulder on a members-only weblog. ($10 gets you in.) Not only is he using a lot of the techniques from Grow Your Band’s Audience, he’s calling in help from some internet marketing gurus to make this thing work.

Good luck, Brent! We’ll be watching…

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3 responses

  1. I was actually interested in this and was about to pay the $10.00. I see a couple of problems with his site though.

    First of all the link to buy the $10.00 package is broken. There’s an extra “http://” in front of the link. So I removed that and was taken to a page where the only option is to buy the Music Marketing Cheat Sheet though PayPal. I understand that’s part of the package, but I’d like to see a confirmation of everything that I’m getting before I put down $10.

    For all I know, I’ll just get the e-book and then there’s nothing to prove what I supposedly paid for.

    So there’s that.

    I figured I would contact Brent directly just to get an email confirmation from him that I was on the right page to buy the package. The problem is, there’s no contact information (or any other navigation) anywhere on the site. The most important factor in an online transaction (for me at least) is trust. And not providing any contact information or links to some other information about who you are makes me a little comfortable.

    Again, I’d like to believe his intentions are good and that he’s really providing a good service for musicians. Based on your recommendation, I’m guessing he’s a good guy. The site just isn’t doing it for me.

  2. Joe Taylor Jr. Avatar
    Joe Taylor Jr.

    Hey, Dan!

    You raise some excellent and valid points — since I know Brent from some e-mail exchanges we’ve enjoyed over the past year, it hadn’t occurred to me that the page might be faulty. This is an oversight that I’ll bring to his attention — certainly caused by the fact that he’s rushing to get a lot done in 90 days!

    The e-book itself is actually very good for folks that want to build a really effective online presence. I have a tendency to write in metaphor in my own books, so if you want a to-do list that looks like:

    a) go to this site and get this tool
    b) go to that site and get that tool
    c) use these tools to do this with your audience

    …then Brent’s got you covered. I’m sure things will be more smooth once he’s polished the site a little bit.

  3. Dan,

    Thanks for pointing out two glaring faults in my site. They’ve both been corrected.

    This site’s been live less than 48 hours and, as Joe said… it’s kind of crazy around here!

    If you’re still interested, though, I’d like to send you a copy of the Deluxe version of the Music Marketing Cheat Sheet with my compliments and thanks.

    I’ll contact you off the blog to do so.

    Thanks again, Dan.