How to be miserable as an artist

Print this out and stick it on the door of your studio or practice room. Or, if it helps, your forehead (via Brad).

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  1. Joe-

    I like the blog i have an rss feed and I read it often. I am not a professional musician, but I have been playing for a while and I seem to always push my musical aspirations back and pursue what seem to be more certain business oportunities.

    Currently, I’m at a crossroads (no pun) and making some changes in my life and would like to make music a bigger part – even make some money. My question is almost too simple to ask but I will anyway. I’ve tried CL (cLeveland) to find some people to jam with and called old friends that I have jammed with in the past, but I cannot get anyone to play. Everyone says they are down, but the people are not motivated enough to actually do it.

    I know I need to find more and better people, and I was wondering if you had any good tips.