Roll-your-own recording studio

Huh, check out this fairly exhaustive how-to guide to building your own studio.

It’s cool how home recording technology has made it so you can do quality recording in your garage. On the other hand, sometimes I think it’s worth paying a professional to futz with the controls so I can concentrate on the performance. I’m an avid home recordist, but sometimes the last thing I wanna be doing is troubleshooting a problem between my recording software, audio interface and who knows what else that may be in the loop.

One response

  1. Scott; I love your posts, but these kinds of articles irritate me. Not because you are wrong to share this kind of information, but articles like this so undervalue the importance of a good ROOM. A sonic room designed with recording in mind. All the plugins in the world cannot compensate for a good recording room. And it is rare to have that in your basement.

    I have a nice old-school protools rig in my house, running a TDM 888. And I am sure if I work at it, I can make it sound like the big boys like this article says. However, your statement is sooo true. We, as artists, should be worrying about our performance as a player and not an engineer! 🙂