American Idol Songwriting Contest Finally Opens!

IMPORTANT UPDATE — MARCH 20, 2008 — AMERICAN IDOL SONGWRITING CONTEST HAS LAUNCHED FOR 2008. CLICK THIS LINK FOR DETAILS. INFORMATION BELOW IS FROM THE 2007 CONTEST. american idol songwriterWow!We all thought this was drifting way beyond the back burner and behind the stove. However, it looks like the folks at 19 Entertainment are going to use their site to solicit entries until April 17, with a week of online voting beginning May 2.If you’re already signed to an exclusive publishing deal, you’re not eligible to submit to the American Idol songwriting competition. However, it’s fair game for everyone else. In fact, USA Today reports that the competition will have no age restriction — unlike the show.For all the folks that have been leaving comments and talking about how they’ve already been working on their songs, you’re in great shape. Everyone else, get cracking. You’ve got less than two weeks to enter. After I have a chance to review the terms of the contest, I’ll weigh in with some commentary. As with all songwriting contests, review the contract and the rules very carefully, lest you sign away rights to your creation — and your royalties.Here’s where you can get more information about how to enter the American Idol Songwriter 2007 contest.Good luck!Technorati Tags: , , ,

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  1. Connie Butler Avatar
    Connie Butler

    I think this is wonderful for American Idol to be having a song writing contest. It’s something I have beeen lkooin forward to.

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  3. nancy tiritilli Avatar
    nancy tiritilli

    I would like to
    know if it is to late for the am.idol song contest for the 2008 season…if not how do i apply, and to enter my music ….. thanks

  4. Ann Morrissey Avatar
    Ann Morrissey

    I would like to
    know if it is to late for the am.idol song contest for the 2008 season…if not how do i apply, and to enter my lyrics ….. thanks

  5. Is there going to be a songwriting competition
    for 2008 season of American Idol..please give infor if there is.

    Thank you,
    cb sheehan

  6. ray rappa Avatar
    ray rappa

    Is it to late ro enter song for 2008 final?

  7. miss olajumoke fowler Avatar
    miss olajumoke fowler

    This message is 4 america idol songwriting competition, I am intrested in ur competition, can u please send me more information

  8. karey russell Avatar
    karey russell

    is online the only way you can vote for songwriters competiton?

  9. I was just wondering if there is a songwriting contest for the 2009 season. Does anyone have any info for this? Please feel free to write me at : thank you!

    1. Dave,

      We just learned that there will be no American Idol Songwriter competition for 2009. Judge Kara will be writing the finale songs.


  10. JT,
    Thanks for the heads up. Hopefully they will have one next year. I’ve written a song that would be perfect for the finale. Thanks again, Dave Miles

  11. elinamekhmer Avatar

    Hi there. I' so glad that I've found you. I've been looking for such to enter my songs for competition, but i guess i'm so late, am I? If not, how will i enter? Should i send the lyrics as well as the music? or only the lyrics? Where and how? Can i send the $10.00 entrance fee by check? If so, what's the address? I, so eager to hear from you.

    Elina Sept.28, 2009

    1. fluellen Avatar

      i wud like to help you but im in the same boat as you?

  12. season 9 is coming this january 2010, be sure to catch that one up…

  13. it isn't a contest since Kara is the one who is writing songs now lol 😀