Chris Brown gets uncomfortable on Good Morning America

Have I mentioned lately that I love subscribing to the Wall Street Journal, if only because it subsidizes Speakeasy? It’s my favorite pop culture blog of the moment, because it’s got such a wry sensibility while filtering the insanity of today’s entertainment community through the WSJ’s very measured prose.

They’ve got a great piece up about Chris Brown’s interview with Robin Roberts, and it calls to mind the challenges of managing crisis communication:

  • If you did something wrong, you’re going to have to own that for the rest of your career.
  • Don’t be surprised or shocked when, no matter what your manager tells you, the press asks you that awkward question.
  • It doesn’t help to compare your behavior to that of other celebrities. It’s not a race to the bottom, after all.

If you’re among my cynical group of friends and colleagues, you might even be wondering if the whole outrage was staged to drum up publicity for a new single or video. Either way, Speakeasy’s got more details about the interview that got Chris Brown so angry, he hulked out and ripped his shirt off.