Solving donor fatigue with doner kebab

Fancy chandelier.

Here in Philadelphia, a core collection of 160 “arts and cultural groups” has issued an urgent plea for $1.4 billion in philanthropic funding. This, only five years after a report noted the challenges of making significant social impact when creative professionals struggle to break even. “Donor fatigue,” as reporters and consultants suggest, could wipe out […]

Brands are the new bands

Original photo by Montecruz Foto under Creative Commons license.

Maybe it’s a sudden wave of nostalgia, but I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my senior year of high school. At the time, I was taking piano lessons and thinking about film school. So I picked a college where I thought I could get formal music training while I learned how to make movies […]

How to get out of a bad music management contract


It happens all the time. You’re having a great night on stage, and somebody slick tells you that they’d love to represent you. In a whirlwind, you sign a contract because they assure you that “it’s boilerplate” and “everybody signs this.” Before long, you’re “on a roster,” but it seems that all your manager ever […]